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Koh Haa Lagoon

Koh Haa Lagoon

This picturesque lagoon is located in the center of the Koh Haa Group, surrounded by a pair of small limestone towers (Koh Haa 2 & 4) to the east, and Koh Haa 3 in front, complete with a small beach which only appears at low tide. The most popular spot of this divesite is located around the two limestone towers. The south tower is covered in colourful soft coral, impressing sea fans, black corals and various species of anemones; cup corals form the south side of the islands. The sandy bottom reaches down to a depth of below 30m. There, some rare garden eels can be seen. Numerous rocks nicely covered with purple soft corals are scattered beyond the wall. Divers may find schooling snappers and lionfish there. Hard corals scattered all around the sandy, sloped area connect the two islands. The north tower is quite similar to the south tower, except things are on a larger scale.

Koh Haa 3 and 4

Koh Haa 3 is also another good divesite, with the best spots being on the opposite side of the lagoon.

Koh Haa Lagoon is ideal for all levels of divers. Depths range from 5m to more than 30m. Just look out for currents outside the bay, especially if you plan night dives. These islands are popular to macro lovers. Along the walls are many cracks and crevices offering shelter to several small creatures like different species of shrimps and crabs. Some sea fans are populated with ornate ghost pipefish and cowries camouflaged among the fronds. Sometimes harlequin shrimps and seamoth as well a variety of nudibranches can be spotted. If you are lucky, you can see bigger fishes like barracudas, tunas, black spotted stingrays or whitetip reef sharks passing by. Koh Haa Islands can also regale you with sight of eagle rays and whale sharks.

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