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Koh Haa Islands

Koh Haa Islands

About 15 nautical miles southwest of Koh Lanta is the small archipelago Koh Haa, one of the most beautiful dive sites of the southern Andaman Sea. It consists of five small islands and Koh Haa Yai, the big island. For simplicity, the islands are numbered the same as the Similan Islands. Around Koh Haa you could easily spend a whole diving holiday, without it gets boring, so diverse are the reef structures and the biodiversity of the marine creatures there.

Koh Haa Neung (Koh Haa 1)

Koh Haa 1 or Koh Haa Neung refers to the isolated, northern small rock island of the Koh Haa archipelago. The island is home to beautiful reef formations around the island. The imposing cliff on the north side is beautifully covered with soft and fan corals and extends to 25m depth. On the southeastern reef slope dominate hard corals, which continue to the east end of the island. The most interesting part of Koh Haa 1 is the southern area. There are fantastic, with many colorful soft coral overgrown, upstream boulders, ranging from 10m to 30m depth. On the reef itself there is a fireplace that can be immersed from 18m to 5m. The reef roof next to it offers two entrances to a light-flooded, impressive grotto, also called kettle, in which a large swarm of beetle fish shimmers in the back light. The cauldron can comfortably accommodate a whole group of dives and can safely be left via a canyon. The canyon leads to the steep wall, at the southern end of which lie the offshore rocks.

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